Sunday, August 30, 2009

The weekend! YAY

So not a lot has happened since I last wrote on Tuesday, I still need to put up pictures! HAHA so lets move on to Wednesday (onsdag), I got to wake up late because Vestra Vux was cancelled for the day, I also had Private singing lessons that day. It wasa really nice because I have never had private lessons and the teacher gave me a song to learn IN SWEDISH! Its such an amazing song and it's about midsummer and how magical it is. I love that song! After that I had my history class and it was pretty hard to understand what was going on because we watched a movie. After school, I went shopping with a girl from my class, Matilda. It was really fun and also nice to get to know her better.

Thursday, I had a music theory class that I know I will be bad at! I am so bad at music theory and adding that it's in swedish doesn't help, but thats ok. =) I also had a private horse lesson and it was so amazing! I learned how to trot the proper english way! Amalia makes it look way easier than it actually is! After the lesson, I went to an exercise class with Karro (second host sister) and her friend.

Friday, I had a dance class in the morning and it was really fun! Even though Im a terrible dancer! Also on friday I had gym class anad we ran 2 kilometers, which is about 1.2 miles. I was so tired because I am definitly not a runner! I was very proud of myself though because I ran the whole way, I did not stop to walk. =) Amalia and I just Hung out the rest of the day.

Yesterday, Amalia and I went into town to see an art show and It was really interesting to see all the local artists with their art. I even bought a little painting that says live your dream! I thought it was perfect for me. Then we went home and baked some treats. We also had to go feed the horses at the stable.

This morning we had to get up at 6 and feed the horses, I was so tired! So when we got back I went to bed at watched a movie. Now were just relaxing before I go to my Karate class at 3!

Kram, Haley =)


  1. haha haley?? dance AND PE!!! youve changed... ;] ha! just kidding. so mrs flamm [choir director] is doing show choir this year, sounds exciting right? right.....well for the auditions we are only aloud to sing the star spangled banner, and we have to do a dance routine that shes gunna give us -_- and as you...christina and danceing does not mix. plus she says if only two guys try out, there will only be two girls. gahhh!!! with me luck, auditions are in two weeks.

  2. Oh my gosh! Eww the star spangeled banner??!! what? Why that song? Just practice the routine a lot and move your hips! You can do it NINA!!