Saturday, August 15, 2009


So this past week, I have been in Vimmerby, Sweden. I went on monday morning and got back friday afternoon. The main reson for this was for language camp! =) I actually did learn some swedish! YAY!
The first day was kind of akward because noone knew each other but by wednesday, we were all having a blast! On wednesday, we went to Astrid Lingrens world! We had so much fun becaus eit is a childrens place so we got to act like we were five!! =) There were minature villages and everything! We got rained on though so that was a little annoying but we still had lots of fun. I got a Pippi Longstocking doll that I hooked to my rotary blazer so now I have a doll on there! I got so many new pins for my blazer, it's crazy! The whole front is almost full.
I met so many new friends from all around the world! Canada, Mexico, Austria and France! I had so much fun that I didn't want to leave! =(
When I got home on Friday, Amalia and I had to go to the stable and make Tuva look nice for the competition today. We took forever trying to do her hair. She has soo much of it so It is difficult to do anything with it! When we were done with that a few people came over and we had yummy mongolian barbque!
This morning was Amalias competition. We got up to watch her do Dressage (probably spelled wrong!) and after lunch we are going to Linkoping for Amalias Ice Hockey practice!! =)

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