Friday, August 7, 2009


Guess who now rides a miniture horse!!!! HALEY!! =) Tuva is my sister Amalias horse and she is very small, I'm taller than she is! In Sweden they ride horses English style so that is a big change for me, the cowboy style rider. I am currently borrowing Amalias riding pants, shoes and Helmet, but I willhopefully get my own soon. Amalia wants to teach me to jump the horse in exchange for Martial arts lessons, sounds like a good trade to me! =)

The meals are so different here! I am having a hard time getting used to them. They eat lunches that are as big at dinners then they eat an even bigger dinner! I have never been a big eater so I usually onlytake one serving and they find that so weird! LOL The food is good though, Very yummy!

A few days ago, Leo and his friend Cecilia and I took the train to a city called Nörköping (I think that ishow it's spelled!) We went shopping in this gigantic shopping mall type place, It's a bunch of buildings and you go from building to building and each has tons of stores! I had to buy some running shoes because Ursula told me that everyone is required to run an hour a week at school.

I had my first experience with hanging laundry! They dont dry their clothes in a dryer! I dont really mind that much but they have their drying line by thisbush with tons of bees so when I wentout to dry my clothes, I got stung! They are only little onethough, thank goodness! Also that day we went to a cottage in the woods that some friends of Ursulas own and it had to be the cutest must typical swedish house I have ever seen!! It wasso tiny, but it was on its own little island in the lake that you had to go across a bridge to get to. (I will post pictures later)

Yesterday I got to go see my school and I met the Headmaster. Then Kjell and I went to a rotary meeting. I couldnt understand anything!! I get to make my speech in 3 weeks so I better start practicing!

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  1. haha. its kinda funny cuz it says "posted at 4:32AM" but its on your time so i got a lil confused then i was like oh duhhhhh. teehee!!! post some pix of the horseyyyyy!!!

    i start at sue cleveland on monday, im so nervous, but you know how i am... haha. wish me luck!!!! when does your school start? im so excited to see how everythings going for u!

    Love you!
    -love christina