Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cant believe a month has gone by so fast! Kjell told me that it was september and it completly threw me off. If feels like just yesterday that I got here. I have done so many new things in a month and I still have 10 more to go! =) I am so thankful that I can experience all of this and even though I get a little homesick sometimes I know it is worth it.

After I wrote the last time, I went to a karate class. I didnt really like it because it wasn't disiplined at all and we were just kind of jumping aroung doing nothing. I tryed it again on monday but it still didn't work out. I wish there was some martial arts class that I could take in Tranas but unfortunatly there isn't. So I think I will be taking exercise classes with my secong host sister Karro.

Yesterday I found out that one of my classes on mondays is something I don't have to go to so my counselor is trying to get me into an english class at Amalia's school, where I would help teachc the class! I think that would be really fun and I hope it works out. =) I also went to a rotary meeting on monday, it was not my host club but Kjell had to go so he invited me along!

Kram, Haley

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  1. Your Dad and I have survived a whole month without you - hard to believe!! Just told your dad that it seems like you have been gone forever...The best way to not to get sad is stay as busy as possible. Wished you could find a martial arts class. Love you