Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surstromming! (Fermented Herring)

So I finally tryed the fermented Herring. On Saturday, we had to get everything set up for the perty. We got a tent and set that up (rained shortly after, thank goodness for the tent!) then we had to make all the non stinky food. LOL. People came around 5, some people that came were my 3rd host family and some teachers at my school that are friends of Ursulas. Everyone kept saying how discusting the smell was so I was all prepared by the time they opened the first can, but it didn't smell nearly as bad as they said it would! I tryed it too. What you do is take cracker bread and put some potatoes on, then the herring and maybe some onions. I didn't like it very much, it was way to salty for me but it wasn't as gross as everyone said it would be. I was very suprised. All in all, it was definitly an experience.

On Sunday, Amalia and I were both so bored so we decided to make desserts! It was so fun, we made fudge and something called ladies kisses which were so delicious! I want to make those agian sometime. We also gave some fudge to our neighbors just be be nice and they really appreciated it. =)

Monday, UGH crazy day! It started out normal but ended in a trip to the hospital! I got up and went to swedish and started my normal schedule, which is really nice. I started Italian and I can tell that class is going to give me a headache. Italian in swedish, great! It is helping me learn more swedish though! Right after school we had to go to Linkoping. When we got there, we dropped Amalia and her friend Nina off at Hockey practice then Kjell and I went to the Espresso House, I have found the swedish equivalent to starbucks!! YES!! When we were done we walked back to the Ice arena, when we walked in we saw Amalia sitting in the box. She had collided with a guy and hurt her hand. So she had to stop early, Kjell dropped Nina and I off at the place that I was going to a Karate class and then went to the Hospital with Amalia. It was soo nice to take that class, its way different than what I'm used to, but I felt so great after working out! When it was over, Kjell picked us up and we went to the hospital. We had to wait a few hours before we found out that her arm was broken in two places, so now she has to wear a cast. By the time we got out of the hospital it was almost midnight and we still had to drive an hour to get back to Tranas! We were all so tired!!

So this morning I was so sore from Karate and so tired from staying up till 1.30! To top it all off I had to go take a music test that determined whether I could stay in the music program or not! I had to sing for the teacher and take a music theory test (eWW) I passes so that was nice. Then we got to have choir and the song we are singing is so pretty!! Not like the kind of choir song im used to singing, it's like a pop song and they said thats the type of music the choir always sings! I have a feeling I am really going to like choir this year! =) Then I went to swedish lessons, and then went home for lunch. I have huge gaps in my schedule, I can come home almost everyday! I also started math today and found out that I learned what we are going to be doing this year in 8th grade! So that should be an easy class for me!


8.30- 9.30 Swedish Lessons
10.05- 11.05 Music stuff (not sure what yet)
11.05- 2.00- Free time
2.10- 3.20 Italian

8.00- 9.10 Drama
9.20- 10.20 Choir
10.55- 11-55 Swedish lessons
12.00- 1.30 Free time
12.00- 1.30 Swedish (in school)
2.30- 3.20 Math

8.30- 9-30 Swedish Lessons
9.40- 10.30 Italian
10.40- 11.20 Math
11.30- 1.00 Free time
1.00- 1.30 Private singing lessons
1.40- 3.20 History

8.30-10.25 Drama
10.35- 11.55 Music Theory
12.00- 12.50 Free time
12.50- 2.00 Dance

9.25- 10.35 Dance
10.45- 11.55 Ensemble
12.00- 12.50 Free time
12.50- 1.50 Gym


  1. What a schedule!!! All that free time should be great. Private music lessons...you will really like that..you'll be ready for the big time when you come home. Give Amalia our best wishes - poor thing that must really hurt. They sure do have a lot of parties - how fun.

    Love - Mom

  2. haha ya, its such a change from my schrdule at Rio! Ya and I might get some private piano lessons too. Oh and Ursula got me private Horse lessons too.

  3. With all of this activity when do you rest with all of the parties you are attending.

  4. tell amalia to tell Nina that she has the coolest name in all of sweden...and america. and if u ask why, ill stab u with a spork because u should know why lol. ur scedual sounds sooo fun. except italian, how r u supposed to learn italian in swedish? hahha. u lucky duck, sue cleveland is uhhh....challengeing, be ready when u come back :D haha
    much love
    -christina l

  5. It sounds like your having so much fun!! we really miss you over here. your gonna have a blast at cleveland when you come back. its so big. Love, Siera