Sunday, August 30, 2009

The weekend! YAY

So not a lot has happened since I last wrote on Tuesday, I still need to put up pictures! HAHA so lets move on to Wednesday (onsdag), I got to wake up late because Vestra Vux was cancelled for the day, I also had Private singing lessons that day. It wasa really nice because I have never had private lessons and the teacher gave me a song to learn IN SWEDISH! Its such an amazing song and it's about midsummer and how magical it is. I love that song! After that I had my history class and it was pretty hard to understand what was going on because we watched a movie. After school, I went shopping with a girl from my class, Matilda. It was really fun and also nice to get to know her better.

Thursday, I had a music theory class that I know I will be bad at! I am so bad at music theory and adding that it's in swedish doesn't help, but thats ok. =) I also had a private horse lesson and it was so amazing! I learned how to trot the proper english way! Amalia makes it look way easier than it actually is! After the lesson, I went to an exercise class with Karro (second host sister) and her friend.

Friday, I had a dance class in the morning and it was really fun! Even though Im a terrible dancer! Also on friday I had gym class anad we ran 2 kilometers, which is about 1.2 miles. I was so tired because I am definitly not a runner! I was very proud of myself though because I ran the whole way, I did not stop to walk. =) Amalia and I just Hung out the rest of the day.

Yesterday, Amalia and I went into town to see an art show and It was really interesting to see all the local artists with their art. I even bought a little painting that says live your dream! I thought it was perfect for me. Then we went home and baked some treats. We also had to go feed the horses at the stable.

This morning we had to get up at 6 and feed the horses, I was so tired! So when we got back I went to bed at watched a movie. Now were just relaxing before I go to my Karate class at 3!

Kram, Haley =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surstromming! (Fermented Herring)

So I finally tryed the fermented Herring. On Saturday, we had to get everything set up for the perty. We got a tent and set that up (rained shortly after, thank goodness for the tent!) then we had to make all the non stinky food. LOL. People came around 5, some people that came were my 3rd host family and some teachers at my school that are friends of Ursulas. Everyone kept saying how discusting the smell was so I was all prepared by the time they opened the first can, but it didn't smell nearly as bad as they said it would! I tryed it too. What you do is take cracker bread and put some potatoes on, then the herring and maybe some onions. I didn't like it very much, it was way to salty for me but it wasn't as gross as everyone said it would be. I was very suprised. All in all, it was definitly an experience.

On Sunday, Amalia and I were both so bored so we decided to make desserts! It was so fun, we made fudge and something called ladies kisses which were so delicious! I want to make those agian sometime. We also gave some fudge to our neighbors just be be nice and they really appreciated it. =)

Monday, UGH crazy day! It started out normal but ended in a trip to the hospital! I got up and went to swedish and started my normal schedule, which is really nice. I started Italian and I can tell that class is going to give me a headache. Italian in swedish, great! It is helping me learn more swedish though! Right after school we had to go to Linkoping. When we got there, we dropped Amalia and her friend Nina off at Hockey practice then Kjell and I went to the Espresso House, I have found the swedish equivalent to starbucks!! YES!! When we were done we walked back to the Ice arena, when we walked in we saw Amalia sitting in the box. She had collided with a guy and hurt her hand. So she had to stop early, Kjell dropped Nina and I off at the place that I was going to a Karate class and then went to the Hospital with Amalia. It was soo nice to take that class, its way different than what I'm used to, but I felt so great after working out! When it was over, Kjell picked us up and we went to the hospital. We had to wait a few hours before we found out that her arm was broken in two places, so now she has to wear a cast. By the time we got out of the hospital it was almost midnight and we still had to drive an hour to get back to Tranas! We were all so tired!!

So this morning I was so sore from Karate and so tired from staying up till 1.30! To top it all off I had to go take a music test that determined whether I could stay in the music program or not! I had to sing for the teacher and take a music theory test (eWW) I passes so that was nice. Then we got to have choir and the song we are singing is so pretty!! Not like the kind of choir song im used to singing, it's like a pop song and they said thats the type of music the choir always sings! I have a feeling I am really going to like choir this year! =) Then I went to swedish lessons, and then went home for lunch. I have huge gaps in my schedule, I can come home almost everyday! I also started math today and found out that I learned what we are going to be doing this year in 8th grade! So that should be an easy class for me!


8.30- 9.30 Swedish Lessons
10.05- 11.05 Music stuff (not sure what yet)
11.05- 2.00- Free time
2.10- 3.20 Italian

8.00- 9.10 Drama
9.20- 10.20 Choir
10.55- 11-55 Swedish lessons
12.00- 1.30 Free time
12.00- 1.30 Swedish (in school)
2.30- 3.20 Math

8.30- 9-30 Swedish Lessons
9.40- 10.30 Italian
10.40- 11.20 Math
11.30- 1.00 Free time
1.00- 1.30 Private singing lessons
1.40- 3.20 History

8.30-10.25 Drama
10.35- 11.55 Music Theory
12.00- 12.50 Free time
12.50- 2.00 Dance

9.25- 10.35 Dance
10.45- 11.55 Ensemble
12.00- 12.50 Free time
12.50- 1.50 Gym

Friday, August 21, 2009

School =)

So the other day, after I wrote a blog, my family took me to Granna! Thats the city where they make Polkagris! (YUMM Its like candy cane, but ten million times better!) We saw a demonstration on how to make the candy and I got an awesome elk crossing pin!

I have decided that I am going to try to sing and play the piano for a Rotary talent competition I'm doing in october! I am going to perform a song called New soul by Yeal Naim, Kjell and I went into a local music store and found a really great book with fun songs in it! YAY so we will see how that works out...

I started Vestra Vux a few days ago (Swedish classes) it was a really fun class, I really think I am going to learn a lot of swedish there. Hopefully fast too! Yesterday I started school and I was really nervous, but it turned out to be fine. I had fun, I met everyone and they all seamed really nice and happy that I was there. After school, Julia and Lazlo (second host family) and we went out on the lake in the icy water! It was fun though!

Today at school I kind of realized how different it is here. Students have a lot more freedom. The first thing we did was go around the city looking for different stations with activities at them. We probably covered 2 miles a least! They also don't care if the students smoke, which really threw me off. We came up to a station and a girl was smoking as the teacher was explaining the activity! It was soo weird. I really like the people I have classes with and I know I am really going to enjoy this school year! =)

Kram, Haley

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mamma Mia! =)

Hej Hej! Or good morning for those of you in New Mexico! Its about 1:00 here so that means that it is about 5 in the morning there! Haha

So the past few days since I got back from Vimmerby have been pretty relaxing. On saturday after I wrote we went to Linkoping and that was really awesome because after we dropped Amalia off at practice, we saw a martial arts demonstration in the street. We got a pamphlet and now I might be starting in that club in a few weeks. We also found a few clubs, one in Tranas and one in Mjolby (a city close to Yranas).

Yeterday I went out with my second host family and they showed me parts of town that I haven't seen yet. They also showed me their little boat, it so a really cute speed boat. I also got to see their house and it is so beautiful and modern looking. Everything is desined perfectly and they also have an indoor swimming pool right outside of their sauna! After that, I went with Kjell and Amalia to go pick mushrooms and that was really hard, I didn't find any. I found a lot of yummy wild berries though! When I got back, I went over to a girl named Lisa's house and met some more people my age and we had a movie night =) One the way home we saw two wild hedgehogs! They were soo cute but all the other girls were afraid of them. Haha.

Today, Amalia and I went into town and I got my school supplies. I start school on thursday at 8:00 in the morning. UGH. I also got a bike today and it's really big for me so I just need to grow a couple of inches and then it will be perfect! =)

P.S Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes. My spellchecker doesn't work because I'm on a swedish version of htis website! Haha so it trys to check it in Swedish and everything is highlighted!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So this past week, I have been in Vimmerby, Sweden. I went on monday morning and got back friday afternoon. The main reson for this was for language camp! =) I actually did learn some swedish! YAY!
The first day was kind of akward because noone knew each other but by wednesday, we were all having a blast! On wednesday, we went to Astrid Lingrens world! We had so much fun becaus eit is a childrens place so we got to act like we were five!! =) There were minature villages and everything! We got rained on though so that was a little annoying but we still had lots of fun. I got a Pippi Longstocking doll that I hooked to my rotary blazer so now I have a doll on there! I got so many new pins for my blazer, it's crazy! The whole front is almost full.
I met so many new friends from all around the world! Canada, Mexico, Austria and France! I had so much fun that I didn't want to leave! =(
When I got home on Friday, Amalia and I had to go to the stable and make Tuva look nice for the competition today. We took forever trying to do her hair. She has soo much of it so It is difficult to do anything with it! When we were done with that a few people came over and we had yummy mongolian barbque!
This morning was Amalias competition. We got up to watch her do Dressage (probably spelled wrong!) and after lunch we are going to Linkoping for Amalias Ice Hockey practice!! =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Famous!! =)

The other day I woke up early because someone from the local paper came. He came to interview Leonardro and I, i'm gonna be famous!! LOL JK. Everyone jokes about how exchange students are famous in this town because it's so small. =) So we got interviewed and he took some pictures and that was fun. I also took Tuva for a ride, I really like that horse, she is so sweet!

When I was done riding, we drove to Sven's house (my 3rd host family) and we set the traps for crayfish, we put a peice of dead fish (EWW) in the middle of this cage and dump it in the lake, we had a whole bunch of them. The next morning, we had to wae up early and be at Sven's house by 8 in the morning because you have to get them before they find a way out! We caught 27 crayfish, YUMM!! I got to meet Robin, the Australian exchange student. She has been here since January. She is so good at Swedish! She said it only took her a few months before she could talk to people, so that is comforting.

Last night I went to a music festival with Leonardo and Cece. There was an American car show and I thought that was pretty funny, especially because I saw one that had Iowa (DAD!! =) on its lisense plate. HAHA. We listened to some bands and it was funny because I couldn't really understand much, a few songs were in english but the majority in Swedish.

Now I'm just waiting for dinner, we are eating the crayfish we caught, so that means crayfish party!! With stupid hats and moose meat and everything! It should be fun.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Guess who now rides a miniture horse!!!! HALEY!! =) Tuva is my sister Amalias horse and she is very small, I'm taller than she is! In Sweden they ride horses English style so that is a big change for me, the cowboy style rider. I am currently borrowing Amalias riding pants, shoes and Helmet, but I willhopefully get my own soon. Amalia wants to teach me to jump the horse in exchange for Martial arts lessons, sounds like a good trade to me! =)

The meals are so different here! I am having a hard time getting used to them. They eat lunches that are as big at dinners then they eat an even bigger dinner! I have never been a big eater so I usually onlytake one serving and they find that so weird! LOL The food is good though, Very yummy!

A few days ago, Leo and his friend Cecilia and I took the train to a city called Nörköping (I think that ishow it's spelled!) We went shopping in this gigantic shopping mall type place, It's a bunch of buildings and you go from building to building and each has tons of stores! I had to buy some running shoes because Ursula told me that everyone is required to run an hour a week at school.

I had my first experience with hanging laundry! They dont dry their clothes in a dryer! I dont really mind that much but they have their drying line by thisbush with tons of bees so when I wentout to dry my clothes, I got stung! They are only little onethough, thank goodness! Also that day we went to a cottage in the woods that some friends of Ursulas own and it had to be the cutest must typical swedish house I have ever seen!! It wasso tiny, but it was on its own little island in the lake that you had to go across a bridge to get to. (I will post pictures later)

Yesterday I got to go see my school and I met the Headmaster. Then Kjell and I went to a rotary meeting. I couldnt understand anything!! I get to make my speech in 3 weeks so I better start practicing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pictures Part 2!!

On a dock in Kalmar
Kalmar Castle
Amalia and Leonardo sideways, dont now how to change it. =)
A huge sailboat
A crab that Amalia caught!!


Amalia and I sunbathing =)
The Jellyfish! There were tons of them!!

The little Square
Me on the Ferry!
The Ferry ride. Its like a little hidden Valley...hmm mabe they make ranch there =)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The most busy 3 days of my life!!!

I have been so busy these last days that I am exhausted!!

So I guess I should start with the west coast...
We went at about 6 in the morning (EARLY!!!) and drove about 4 hours to get to the city that I cant pronounce =) Better get used to that! We hadto take a ferry to get there and thats when I first saw the jellyfish , there are so many of them on the coast!! We went to Leonardos (my host brother) hockey game he was coaching. Then we went and walked through the city for a little while. It is a very cute city, very old looking... There were some pink houses, which made me very happy. We then met up with Leonardo and I got to meet him for the first time. He is going to canada on exchange next week so I will get to know him then he will leave! We went andhad lunch with some of Ursulas (host mother) friends. Then after that went down to the water, I was too afraid to go smimming!! I am terriffied of jellyfish!! I was so tired I fellasleep on the way home.

The next day was more of a relaxing day but we still did alot of stuff. First I met a few of Leonardos friends, which will be nice when school comes around on the 19th. Amalia and I took a quick dip in the lake!! Very cold. If you want to see pictures you can check my facebook because I am having a few computer problems at the moment!! Very frusterating!! Then we got to go visit Amalias forse, Tuva, she is a miniture pony and so adorable. Then we just relaxed the rest of the day, rented a few movies.

Today was very exhausting, probably because I was still tired fromthe days before. We went to the east coast, another 3 hour drive. We dropped Amalia off at her hockey camp then walked around the town, Kalmar. We also went to a castle and had a really cool tour, but I couldnttake pictures!! Aww... On out way back home, we went to a glass blowing demonstration and it was soo sad because he broke the ducks head!! Everyone jumped when it happened. I was so tired from the last 3 days that I slept the whole way home.

P.S. Hopefully I will eventually be able to put pictures on here, but for now I am having tonsof computer issues so I will have to settle for the pictures my host father took. Mine wont download anywhere!! I will let you know when that is all sorted out. =)