Monday, August 17, 2009

Mamma Mia! =)

Hej Hej! Or good morning for those of you in New Mexico! Its about 1:00 here so that means that it is about 5 in the morning there! Haha

So the past few days since I got back from Vimmerby have been pretty relaxing. On saturday after I wrote we went to Linkoping and that was really awesome because after we dropped Amalia off at practice, we saw a martial arts demonstration in the street. We got a pamphlet and now I might be starting in that club in a few weeks. We also found a few clubs, one in Tranas and one in Mjolby (a city close to Yranas).

Yeterday I went out with my second host family and they showed me parts of town that I haven't seen yet. They also showed me their little boat, it so a really cute speed boat. I also got to see their house and it is so beautiful and modern looking. Everything is desined perfectly and they also have an indoor swimming pool right outside of their sauna! After that, I went with Kjell and Amalia to go pick mushrooms and that was really hard, I didn't find any. I found a lot of yummy wild berries though! When I got back, I went over to a girl named Lisa's house and met some more people my age and we had a movie night =) One the way home we saw two wild hedgehogs! They were soo cute but all the other girls were afraid of them. Haha.

Today, Amalia and I went into town and I got my school supplies. I start school on thursday at 8:00 in the morning. UGH. I also got a bike today and it's really big for me so I just need to grow a couple of inches and then it will be perfect! =)

P.S Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes. My spellchecker doesn't work because I'm on a swedish version of htis website! Haha so it trys to check it in Swedish and everything is highlighted!


  1. Just make sure you wear your swimming suit!!! HAHA....We were in our pool yesterday...too bad it's just an outdoor above ground little pool!!

  2. haha. i miss you sooo much XD sounds like fun!indoor pool... DANG!! lol. so i started sue cleveland today, and i think were going to love graduateing there :] but ugh, guess whose in my math class... his name starts with a N and ends with a ick. haha. its not ur nick its the douche nick :p but i have rachel in choir math and lunch! yaya! we were talking at school today saying how much fun it would be to have you here! ha.

    -much love; Christina