Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 Months Left!!!

I decided to get a blog since it is only three months till I leave for Sweden. Maybe I should start with the basics...
Hi, my name Is Haley Stephenson. I Currently live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico but I will be leaving as an exchange student to Sweden in early August. I have three host families so I will be staying with each for almost four months.

My First Family: They live in Tranas, Sweden. I will Have a little sister who is 13 and her name is Amalia. My host mother is a History teacher at the school I will be attending,(Holavedgymnasiet). They have a horse named Tuva! I love horses so I am very excited!

My Second Family: They also live in Tranas, Sweden and the mother is also a teacher, but she teaches math and physics. The father is an engineer. They have two kids, One is named Peter and he is 25 and in college and the other is named Karolin and she is 15.

My Third Family: I heard from them first. The Mother is a Doctor and the Father is a Dentist. They live in Jonkoping, Sweden. They have a daughter named Lovisa who is 16 and going on exchange next year to Melbourne, Australia, and a son who is 15.

I have been interested in going on an exchange year since about 5Th or 6Th grade. We always got the exchange student packets in the mail, and that's what got me started. We found Rotary in about September and I automatically liked their program. They cared about the students and I feel 100% safe with them.

I hope you will follow me and my adventure, I am very nervous but also excited to go. I know that I am ready to do this, now if the summer would pass just a little faster! =)