Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hola, Hej, Hello, Ciao!!

I am still without a computer of my own so I am chilling in the school library. This weekend was fun! Wanna know why? Well because we got a new exchange student here in Tranås! His name is Michael and he is from Australia.

On friday I went over to the Åsens and we went into Jönköping for Amalias hockey game. By the time we got home it was really late so we just went to bed. Early saturday morning, we had to drive all the way to Gothenberg. We got there aroung 10, and Michael came out about 15 minutes later. We got his stuff and then drove all the way back home. I am now officially the old exchange student, haha old news. On sunday I went to the stables with Amalia and got to ride a bit and then we went back to the house and Hjalmar and Sven came over and we went ice skating in the back yard after going into town to show Michael the town and getting some candy of course.

One more exciting detail, he is going to be in my class at school. The music program! =) He starts a few classes this week then he gets to go to Vimmerby for language camp. (deeply jealous!) This weekend we get to go to Norrköping and go curling so i will let you know how that goes.... haha I barely even know what curling is and now i'm going to play it. That will be interesting to say the least.

Kram, Haley

Friday, January 22, 2010


Jag är jätte arg!!
I am very angry right now because my computer broke down!! I don't know how it happened but it just stopped working one day. So right now I am sitting in my schools library on on of the computers to tell you about my week.

Not much happened actually besides the disaster. On Tuesday I went to my dance class and the teacher told us that we has a preformance the same week that I am supposed to go skiing with my third host family so I am a little torn about that. I will probably end up going skiing even though that really isn't my forte. I think it would be worth it though to risk injury and frostbite to to go where they would be taking me. It is apparently way up north anc we have to drive through norway to get there. We would be cross country skiing and I have never done that before but hey it's worth a try right? Today I an going to Jönköping (There definitly an advantage to using the school computers!! öåä!! Haha I can spell now!) with my first host family for Amalias hockey game then tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to go to Goteberg to get the new exchange student from Australia so that's exciting! I will write in here after the weekend and more stuff happens..

Hej då!

Monday, January 18, 2010

First week back at school.

I was soo terrible about posting this week! I was too lazy to write a blog and then this weekend I was out in the countryside and I didn't have my computer with me. But now I am sitting down and forcing myself to write haha.

The week started off really slow. Everyone was tired and not ready to come back to school . So it was all pretty relaxed. I got a new schedule! I am now always with my class because I am done with my swedish lessons. I am really excited to be with my class all the time because they are so great! So here is what my schedule is like now...

Swedish 8-9.00
History 9.20-10
Ensemble 10.05- 11.05
Piano 11.35-11.55
Go to Amalias school to help teach 12- 2
Italian 2.10-3.20

Music 8-9.
Choir 9.20- 10.
Governmental stuff? 11.55-1.25
Swedish 1.35-2.20
Math 2.30-3.20

Italian 9.20-10.30
Math 10.40- 11.30
??? 12.25- 1.30
History 1.40- 3.20

Governmental stuff? 9.05- 10.15
Audio (Tech) 12.50- 2.00
Dance 2.10- 3.20

Audio (Tech) 8- 9.10
Dance 9.25- 10.35
Gym 12.50- 1.40
Singing 1.55- 2.30

So it is quite a bit more full than last semester. On Friday, I went out to my third host family for the weekend. We cooked foos and we also drove to another town to look at goats since they are looking to buy a few to keep the grass trimmed haha. The babies were so amazingly cute I wanted to get one! It was nice to be with my third host family fo the weekend. It is a little weird to be so far out of the city but I think it will be just fine.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter break... (revised)

So now winter break is almost over, I go back to school on Monday. I am definitly ready to go back to school. There isn't much to do when I don't have school everyday so it will be very nice to get back into the swing of school again.

We will be getting a new exchange student in a few weeks, from Australia. I am very excited for him to come, I won't be the new exchange student anymore! A few exchange students I know from Australia are getting ready to go home and I am going to miss them. =(

This past week of break I have been just hanging out around the house. One really cool thing that I did was go ice fishing, I went to my third host family and tryed it out. I was pretty freaky to be out on top of a lake at first but after a while you kind of forgot. So we had about 10 holes in the ice and cought 5 or 6 fish. It was funny because whenever you saw that a hole had a fish you had to run to it really fast and the ice was a bit slippery in places. I also got to try out snowboarding and skiing. I love the snowboarding, I was very sore by the end of the day but it was fun. Skiing wasn't my favorite thing in the world but it wasn't so bad. I have been to a few parties, last night I went to a really fun birthday party and a lot of my friends were there. It's definitly more fun to go to parties now, since i can speak a lot more swedish than a few months ago. I am trying so hard to talk only swedish but sometimes it can be so frusterating. Haha that's what you get when you try to learn a whole new language and speak it in 5 months!

Kram, Haley

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!! 2010!!!

I can't believe that it is 2010 already, seriously where did the time go? It doesn't seem like I left New Mexico 5 months ago, I mean seriously I am almost halfway done with my exchange. So I thought I could do a recap of the year 2009....

January-March: Everything was going as normal, school and I also was involved in Grease! I had so much fun with that! But other than that, nothing much happened. Exchange seemed so far away!

April-May: This is when things started to get really exciting, school was coming to an end, I turned 16! (haha woot!) I also had to seriously start thinking about exchange. Everything started to go so fast, I never had time to think haha. I had to take the AP test the day Obama came to my school! Haha but when school came to an end, it was a little sad because I knew there were a lot of people I wouldn't see till senior year.

June-July: The summer. Haha I did a lot of work over the summer. I had to skip camp this year because I needed more credits for school to graduate on time. So I decided that even though i didn't want to I had to take a college course. So I enrolled in a public speaking class and went to that 2 times a week over the whole summer. I went to my Aunt Renees wedding and that was so much fun! I also worked at my dads office a few days a week. When my last few weeks came around, I had a few going away parties and said goodbye to all my friends. By the time the 29th of July came I was so excited to leave but sad to leave my friends and family behind.

August: So much happened in August, I found myself in a completly unfamiliar place. I met so many people, it was such an overload of information that I was tired all the time bet I was also always excited and I had to keep telling myself that this was all real. I went to Vimmerby and met a bunch of other exhange students, and some of those are still my good friends.

September-October: I was getting used to my new home, school and friends. I was so lost in the language but I was trying really hard to understand. School was the most confused I have ever been in my life because I didn't understand anything! I started making good friends though. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the friends I have now.

November: I was finally very comfertable in my home, but then I had to change host families! It was so weird going to a different house after school everyday. I got used to that very quickly, I soon felt like a member of the family. I was a little homesick, but I knew that would come eventually.

December: So much fun! Haha I did so much stuff in December, the Holidays were great even though they were completly different than I am used to. We celebrated christmas on the 24th and watched Donald Duck and everything. It was very fun to see how everything went for christmas here. Once new years came, I didn't know what to think. i was nervous for a new year because I know that now everything was going to change. The first half of my exchange is when I get used to everything, learn the language, and meet everything. The second half is when I can really enjoy all of it. I am looking forward to a great year! On New years, I went to a party at the church I go to for youth group and we had dinner then went into town for fireworks at midnight! After the clock struck 12, we went back to the church and danced till 4 when it wa finally time to get home. =) It was such a fun night, a great way to kick off the new year!