Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last weekend I got to hang out with all the people from my Rotary district, we had a blast! I left Tranas after school on friday, (after trying out orienteering in Gym, haha), and got on the train. After about an hour I met Evan from Linkoping and then we continued on to Norrkoping. When we got off the train, we were met by our host for the weekend and Meg, the Australian that we didn't know yet. Then we met all of the other exchangers that we already knew from orientation weekend. It was great to see htne again. Alltogether my distrist has 9 inbounds in it. People from the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and Austria. The first night we went bowling! None of us were very good but we had a blast! They even had the neon backlight type bowling! The next day, we got up and went to the Norrkoping government building (I have no idea what to call it.) ans we took a tour and got to go up in the bell tower, very cold and windy but a beautiful view of the city! Then we walked around town. It was very interesting because that night was culture night so there was a lot going on. When we were done with that, we went back to the house we were staying at and planned our skit for this weekend. I think the skit will turn out very funny! Then we all cooked a meal together! That night Meg, Evan and I stayed up ridiculously late talking and watching youtube. We all went home on Sunday but we are getting together again this weekend so no worries! =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post- Norway!!

Sorry it took so long! haha I have been putting off writing in here, but now I'm getting it done! Ok so heres what happened over the weekend...

We left around 1.00 on Thursday and then made the 6 hour drive up to Varmland. Once we got there, Amalia and I got settled in out separate cabin and then I got to meet Kjell's parents! They are really nice even though they don't speak any english! Not much talking between me and them. The first day (Friday) we went fishing and I actually caught a fisk!! Yeah you heard me! It was a 2 or 3 kilo pike, haha yay! Then we went into Norway, a little skiing town called Trysil. I even got a pin =) The next day we went and took a long walk at the bottom of the mountains and it was so pretty! I promise to put the pictures on Facebook soon! The last day we went fishing again but we didn't catch anything, thats ok though because I did catch a fish the first day. We came home on Monday and I was so wiped out. Then I went back to school on Tuesday and things are normal now.

Friday I am going to Soderkoping for an exchange student weekend and I am so excited for that! Its gonna be a blast and we get to hang out again the next weekend. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pre- Norway =)

So tomorrow I am going to my family's cabin. It is right on the border of Norway so we are going to go into Norway!! I am so excited! So the last few days I have been just going along with my now normal schedule. It's amazing how fast I've gotten used to things. I am so used to the way things are here, I have even started to depend on a knife to eat! HAHA I feel so Swedish! Anyways.... I just wanted to write this blog to tell everyone that I won't be able to get on the internet the whole time I am there, so basically all weekend. The cabin is in the mountains so no signal! haha that's ok im pretty sure I can deal. I will be sure to post a blog afterwards and pictures on Facebook! =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday! YAY

Haha I need to write in here more often!! Theres a whole week to catch up on, might as well take it day by day...

Saturday (after I wrote)- Cici and Amalia's friend Anna came over for a fun movie night, lots of laughing! We also had chocolate Fondue and that was soo yummy!

Sunday- Amalia had to show me how to get to her school so I woulnd't get lost the next day. We didn't want to go back home after that so we tryed to go to a few places in town but everything was closed! We forgot that it was sunday. We ended up eating at the Chinese food resturant, we ordered the cheapest things on the menu.

Monday- I had Swedish classes first thing in the morning but after those, I went to Amalia's achool to help teach some english classes. It was so fun! The teachers just had the kids ask me questions and some of them were really funny! A little boy asked me if I had a boyfriend! Haha they are so cute. I also had Italian that day so Mondays are now officially language days! Haha. When I got home I did some stuff with Kjell and Amalia and then I wanted to make cupcakes for Lisa's birthday the next day. So Amalia and I went to the store and came home any started cooking. The first batch came out discusting! They were hard as rocks! So I tryed again and they turned out ok.. They tasted more like muffins than cupcakes. So I ended up with 6 instead of 18.

Tuesday- I had Salong (like a play, kinda) then Choir! I had fun and then went to Vastra Vux. There ended up being no classes that day so I went back to school and got an Id and studyed a little then went home and watched House! I had Swedish lessons when I went back to school where I just worked in my V. Vux books. Then we had math and again I was really bored because I knew everything. Afterschool I met Robin (Australian exchange student) and we had Fika at the Goterriet. Yummy! It is nice to talk to her because she knows exactly how I'm feeling right now since she has been here for 6 months now. After that I went to a dance class with Karro!

Wednesday- I had Italian again, then I had math too. I also had my singing lesson and she gave me another swedish song, I dont liket this one as much but its still pretty. We had to take class pictures today, haha. I don't like school pictures too much. After school I met Amalia and we went to the stables and I rode Tuva for a while. When we got home we realized the Amalia had forgotten her phone at the Stables so we had to go back at night, we got to help take in a few really nice horses so I didn't complain!

Thursday- I went to a rotary meeting and met a really nice lady that was also really funny! She told me the speech wouldn't have been more interesting for me in English. Haha. I had a Horse Lesson with Camilla and it went really well! I was very happy afterwards!

Friday- I love fridays because I get to sleep in and then go to dance in the morning. Not too hard! I also had my ensemble class and we started practicing our songs. I had gym and I ran 2 Kilometers again and it was wat easier than last time. Afterschool, Amalia and I went to the stables again and took care of Tuva. afterwards, we got some movies.

Saturday- I went shopping with some girls from my class and had lots of fun! I got some candles for my room and a tan top and sweater. Lisa said that I looked very swedish! Haha. When I got home I helped with set up for the Crayfish party. People came over around 6.30 and I had a lot of fun. Plus the crayfish were delicious! Then we all went to my room for a movie!

Next weekend- A few days ago I found out that I will be going to The summer house next weekend with Kjell and Amalia. (Ursula will be at a teacher meeting in Finland) Their summer house is about 6 hours north of here and right on the border od NORWAY!!! So we get to go into Norway! I am so excited!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marching band!

I just got back from watching the youth marching band in town. I went with Lisa and we followed them around town and they sounded awesome! It was really cool to see! Then they played at my frined Ebba's house an we listened and had a Fika! =)

My week went very well! It was decided that I am going to help teach an english class at Amalia's school and that starts monday, so I am looking forward to that. I am starting to get adjusted to my schedule and school. Everything is less confusing, and less frusterating. I am also making lots of new friends. Everyone is so nice here! People I barely know just come up to me in the hallways and say hi to me! It makes me feel very accepted.

On thursday (torsdag), Amalia, Karro, Karro's friend and I went to a big market called Adelov. (the o should have 2 dots above it but my keyboard doesnt have that) It was basically just a HUGE flea market, there was lots of candy! YUM. It was raining though so that wasa kind of annoying, but no big deal. On friday we went fishing for crayfish again and ended up catching 53 this morning! Can't wait for the party next weekend so I can eat them!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cant believe a month has gone by so fast! Kjell told me that it was september and it completly threw me off. If feels like just yesterday that I got here. I have done so many new things in a month and I still have 10 more to go! =) I am so thankful that I can experience all of this and even though I get a little homesick sometimes I know it is worth it.

After I wrote the last time, I went to a karate class. I didnt really like it because it wasn't disiplined at all and we were just kind of jumping aroung doing nothing. I tryed it again on monday but it still didn't work out. I wish there was some martial arts class that I could take in Tranas but unfortunatly there isn't. So I think I will be taking exercise classes with my secong host sister Karro.

Yesterday I found out that one of my classes on mondays is something I don't have to go to so my counselor is trying to get me into an english class at Amalia's school, where I would help teachc the class! I think that would be really fun and I hope it works out. =) I also went to a rotary meeting on monday, it was not my host club but Kjell had to go so he invited me along!

Kram, Haley