Sunday, August 9, 2009

Famous!! =)

The other day I woke up early because someone from the local paper came. He came to interview Leonardro and I, i'm gonna be famous!! LOL JK. Everyone jokes about how exchange students are famous in this town because it's so small. =) So we got interviewed and he took some pictures and that was fun. I also took Tuva for a ride, I really like that horse, she is so sweet!

When I was done riding, we drove to Sven's house (my 3rd host family) and we set the traps for crayfish, we put a peice of dead fish (EWW) in the middle of this cage and dump it in the lake, we had a whole bunch of them. The next morning, we had to wae up early and be at Sven's house by 8 in the morning because you have to get them before they find a way out! We caught 27 crayfish, YUMM!! I got to meet Robin, the Australian exchange student. She has been here since January. She is so good at Swedish! She said it only took her a few months before she could talk to people, so that is comforting.

Last night I went to a music festival with Leonardo and Cece. There was an American car show and I thought that was pretty funny, especially because I saw one that had Iowa (DAD!! =) on its lisense plate. HAHA. We listened to some bands and it was funny because I couldn't really understand much, a few songs were in english but the majority in Swedish.

Now I'm just waiting for dinner, we are eating the crayfish we caught, so that means crayfish party!! With stupid hats and moose meat and everything! It should be fun.


  1. Haley,

    I'm so glad your having a blast in Sweden! It sounds so beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures, and here about your adventure when you start school, and your famous! Oh my, oh my! Talk to you later!


    P.S. Tori and i are going to call you and get all of the John and Haley jokes out of our system, cause we just need to! Its killing us!

  2. hahhaha JENNIFER!!!!! :p lol

    haley your gunna be the most famous person at school! woot! ha!

    -love christina