Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sport Lov!

Ok so I know that I haven't written in over a week but nothing much happened over my break. As I said before, I had a week off of school called Sport Lov. I didn't go do anything "Sporty" because I am going skiing for 2 weeks at the beginning of March.

I got my computer finally! Very ironic time to finally get it to because right now I have no internet acess at my house haha. The crazy amount of snow we have gotten in the past few days completly messed up the lines! Hopefully that will be fixed today. The snow is now up to my hips in some places out in the forest and where the all the shoveled snow is put (on the sides of the streets) the piles are wayyy taller then I am. There is just no where to put at all! haha It is definitly an interesting experience.

On Valentines day, after I wrote, I went over to Lisa's house and we and a few other girls hung out and made food before we went to youth group and hung out there. We didn't get home till about 1 so I spent the night at Lisas. Then I didn't do anything until Thursday. I went to Linköping with Lisa and we met up with Evan and saw Valentines day. It was an Ok movie. Better than I thought it would be haha. We gave Evan the awesome princess cupcakes we made him for winning a bet we made. =) I spent the night at Lisas again, haha transportation is a bit of a problem now because it is kind of a long drive back home and I can't make my host parents drive into town at midnight and bring me back home so it is way easier to just stay in town.

Now I am back at school for 2 weeks before I go to Grövelsjön and Åre. Super pumped!!

Kram, Haley

P.S More pictures when I get my internet acess back!

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