Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Even though nothing much has happened since my last post. I though I would write in here a little because I have a bit of time to kill.

First of all, my views on here got to 2000! Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, I really like sharing what is happening on exchange and I hope you enjoy reading it. =)

Second of all, I promise pictures will be up on facebook soon. It's just a matter of taking the time to put them up.

Third of all, this weekend the new exchange student, Michael, stayed the weekend at my house in the country. He will be staying with them after I leave around the 22 of July. So on Saturday, we practiced our cross country skiing skills for a while since we will be doing it for a week up in Grövelsjön. Then later in the day we went to a family friends house to join in on the sauna club. As most of you know sauna is a big thing here in scandinavia. Not nearly as big in Sweden as it is in Finland, but you get the point. The basic idea of sauna is to be in there for a long time to cleanse your skin and your body. I had never done it before this past weekend so this was all new to me. When we got there, it was a tad akward for me being the only young lady and one out of the 3 that had a bathing suit on. The women had towels but the men... Nada. A little weird at first but after an hour the weirdness kind of goes away especially since I was expected to have conversations with these men. They all got a little chuckle out of me being there. haha. The next thing we did after about 20 minutes was go and roll in the snow in only our bathing suits. COLD!! But really fun, I kind of dive bombed in and then crawled out really fast and sprinted to to sauna again. Then after about another 20 minutes we decided we were brave enough to take a dip in the freezing river. I mean this literally too, there was a hole cut in the ice so we could jump and get out really fast. It felt kind of good actually because we were so sweaty from the sauna that we wanted the cold water. So that was my adventure for Saturday. Of course Sunday was a resting day, and boy did we need it!

Kram, Haley

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