Monday, March 1, 2010

Mars! (Not the planet!! =)

So now that it is March, (Mars in Swedish) I realized how fast time has gone. Months go by so fast and I only have a little less than 5 of them left. March is going to be gone really fast because next week, I am going to Grövelsjön with my family and then Åre with rotary.

I will be leaving on Saturday and we will drive 10 hours to Grövelsjön and then we will be spending that week cross country skiing. Then on the next saturday, we (Michael and I) will board a train to Åre for the rotary ski trip. I wont we skiing though, I decided to try snowboarding. We will get back early friday morning after spendind the night on the train.

This past week was a pretty normal week. On thursday, I had my rotary speech, it is nice to finally have it over with! I basically just did a powerpoint on New Mexico and my family and friends. It was in swedish and english haha. Michael also did his speech, but he got to speak english obviously. On friday I was at the stables working in the cafe, saturday and sunday were spent relaxing and staying at home. Reading also, I read the notebook and it was soo good. I still really like the movie version though.

If any of you dont know, I have a youtube and I have been putting up videos in between blogs. I also have been putting up random videos of what happens during the day with my friends. My friend Lisa and I had thought that it would be fun if we cound do some swedish language cideos, to get you guys talking swedish! Then when I come back, we can talk to each other in swedish! That would be awesome haha. Anyways, if you just type in lalalanddreamer21 into youtube you will get to all of my videos. Go and check them out! =)

Kram, Haley

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