Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!!!

So since I last posted not a lot has gone on in my new country life haha. Today is Valentines day and I'm in a happy mood, but it's a little dissappointing because no one here really celebrates Valentines day. No Valentine exchanging with tons of chocolate and candy this year. That's ok though =).

This past wednesday, we had a friluftsdag. Which basically translated means fresh air day. It is the day where you get out of school to go do stuff outdoors and get some good 'ol winter air. You could choose from skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, hiking and various other things. My friends and I chose to go ice skating. The ironic thing as that it was snowing so much that we had to go to the indoor arena instead of the out doors one. Kind of defeats the purpose of fresh air, but it was fun all the same. We skated around and goofed off. =) After lunch the snow had stopped so we went outside and played a gameof Bandy (Kind of like hocky but faster and with a little ball) When we were done with that I went over to the ├ůsens and baked a little before it was time to pick Evan up from the train station. We then went and watched a game of real Bandy. It was fun but so cold. We had to stand outsidefor the 2 hour game and we froze haha.

This week I am on Sport Lov, the week you get off school to go on skiing trips and stuff. I am not going anywhere because I am going on two skiing trips in the beginning of March. So I will tell you what I did after the break, but it wont be too exciting. =)

Till next time, Haley

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  1. haley I miss you! You should send me pics cuz I don't have a facebook. love siera