Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SO much fun!

Sorry that it's been a week since I last wrote but on top of not really having a computer at home, I was crazy busy. After I wrote I was over at either the Åsens or Lisas house everyday baking and what not.

On Thursday I went over to Lisas and we had a sleepover with a few other girls because we had a free day on Friday. So I made some brownies from home and biked over. It was so great because the theme was American night! Everything was red white and blue and we ate all american food. For dinner we had buffalo wings and fries. For dessert we had Ben & Jerrys and brownies and doughnuts. So yummy! I was so happy, I hadn't had buffalo wings in 6 months! Then we watched Benjamin Button and fell asleep.

On friday it got even better because we had an American breakfast! Talk about good! There were pancakes, eggs and bacon and bagels. After everyone left Lisa and I went into town to Fika with Michael. When we were done with that I went home for a little while then Lisa came and picked me up for a Sex and the City Marathon Party. There were about 5 or 6 of us and we just sat around watching TV. We even had tacos!

Saturday we had to wake up and get on the train right away. Michael and I met up with Evan on the way. When we got to Norrköping we went to the curling hall and got to meet the other exchange students that came from Australia and New Zealand

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