Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sorry last time I got cut off because I had to go to lunch so I can finish now...

So after we got to get aquainted with the new ones, we got out on the ice. The rotarians tried to teach us how to curl but no one ended up being very good but it was so much fun! I promise pictures soon! The basic idea of the game is to slide a huge granite rock across the court and make it stop in the target. Herder than it seems because there is a lot of tecnique to it. After we were done with the curling and sufficiantly bruised up =), we went over to Lorena's (Mexican exchange student) house and hung out till it was time for us to either take a train home or go to the house we were sleeping at. Michael and I stayed at a rebound exchange students house who was in Australia last year. It was fun to talk about his experience with him. The next morning, we went to the train station and left Norrköping at 10. Later that day I moved families. I moved about a month and a half earlier than I was originally supposed to but it is for the better, I promise. My new family is out in the countryside about 45 minutes from the city. So there is a bit of a drive in the morning before school, that means I'm back to waking up at 6, just like at school back home. I will definitly tell you guys more about them when I get to know them better! =)


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