Saturday, May 15, 2010

Part 2. Parent Visit

So saturday after I left Kalmar, I had a 3 hour train ride to Linköping where I met my parents! They actually suprised me because I thought that I would be getting in earlier than them and meet them as they got off their train so I was waiting in the waiting room for their train to come and they came up behind me and suprised me! It was really funny, I was so shocked but happy to see them. We then took the train down to Tranås and my host dad met us at the train station. We drove straight out to my house in the countryside so my parents could meet my host family. =)

We then went to the sauna! Haha if you remember my first post about the sauna, it was a pretty akward thing for me the first time so I thought it would be interesting for my parents to experience that. They got a warm welcome there and everyone was very nice. Haha Life experience =) After that we went back to my house and ate dinner then collapsed in bed.

Sunday we started out going to a nearby city named Gränna. We ate the famous polkagris candy and walked around the cutest little swedish village. I could definitly see myself owning a little summer cottage there. We had lunch at the golden otter, a resturant that has the most amazing view of the lake I have ever seen! It is so gorgeous. We then went back and had birthday cake, yummy! After we were all filled up on cake, we drove into the city to have dinner with Lisa! I was so excited to have my parents meet Lisa since she has been sich a big part of my exchange here. They loved her of course =) We watched a bit of Salongerna since Lisa had the DVD! I really need to buy one now. It was really fun for my parents to see that since that was about all they heard about for months. We ate dinner and walked around in huge fields of little white spring flowers. Then another cake haha. We were stuffed! Elisabeth then came and picked us up to go to her house where we would be staying. When we got there we talked a little then decided it was bedtime.

Monday we basically did a tour of my little town. We started off with the shops on the main street and had lunch with Elisabeth at a wonderful Italian resturant. We then walked to the school I help teach english at, we visited my 6th graders, then continued on to my school. I gave then a tour and they met a few of my classmates but most of them werent there because english class was cancelled! So once we were done with that we walked over to my First host family, we ate crayfish and some moose, then went to the stables where we watched Amalia in her horse riding lesson. Mom and Dad got to meet Tuva for a bit but then we had to go back to the house to eat another birthday cake! After that we went back to Elisabeths and had a nice chat until we were all to tired =)

Tuesday was the last day of my parents visit so we went into Linköping and shopped. My birthday present was a new outfit, I definitly needed the clothes =) It was a very nice day on Tuesday so we ate lunch outside then grabbed some ice cream with two of the exchange students living in linköping, Alex and David. When we got back to Tranås we went over to my second host family and had a little bite to eat before we went to "Open Stage" It was basically just like a talent show without it being a competition. I preformed in my choir. It was really fun. Then we just went back to Elisabeths and had some really yummy crayfish soup!

The next morning we had to say goodbye since I was off to Stockholm for the day. I will see then next week in Germany though!

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