Saturday, May 15, 2010

Part 1. Kalmar

Ok so last thursday and friday I didn't have to go to school. =) Very happy!

I left ( I was silly and accidently booked the wrong train ticket so I had to travel all alone! ) TranĂ¥s in the morning and was in Kalmar by 1. 30. Kalmar is a town on the east coast of Sweden, sadly it was very cold and windy because spring here is very weird. The weather can never make up its mind! When I got there, Fuzz (exchange student) picked me up and we walked to the hostel place we were staying at. We got a little lost and walked around a strange neighbourhood for a while but we eventually found the place and dumped my bags then walked back into town to meet more exchangies.

When we were all together, there are about 15 of us, we went bowling! It seems that at any exchange event I have been to, they take us bowling. In the US and here in Sweden haha. We all squeazed into a fruit van to get there, that was interesting. My team was awesome simply because of the fact that we are all terrible bowlers, we eventually get fed up with our bad scores and just changed it to all strikes =) After bowling, we went to an Italian resturant and waited for what seemed like forever to get our food. We were all starving since none of us really had the time for a real meal all day long. The food was dissappointing so afterwards, we all went to a grocery store and bought candy and junk, which was much more satisfying.

The next day was.....drumroll please.... My 17th Birthday! Finally! Haha, I got sung to a million times that day both in swedish and english. It was a fun day. The first thing we did was get transported to a high school in Kalmar and we were supposed to be giving brocures out about being an exchange student but no one wanted to talk to us! It was soo sad! We did find a few randoms dressed up as a cow and some guys with a beard to talk to so it wasnt completly pointless. =) After that we all went to a Billiard hall and had a 9 ball tournament. By some birthday luck, I beat Evan and made it to the semi-finals but then lost to Nora. Neither Evan or I could believe that I beat him, there was no skill involved haha it was just purely luck. After that we all walked back to the hostel where we got pizza and played mafia a million times. Whats more, Evan let me straighten his hair! It was hilarious and then David and Fuzz wanted it done too, it was very funny! We all finally had to go to bed though.

The next morning I had to leave earlier than everyone else to go meet my Parents! See part 2... =)

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