Monday, January 18, 2010

First week back at school.

I was soo terrible about posting this week! I was too lazy to write a blog and then this weekend I was out in the countryside and I didn't have my computer with me. But now I am sitting down and forcing myself to write haha.

The week started off really slow. Everyone was tired and not ready to come back to school . So it was all pretty relaxed. I got a new schedule! I am now always with my class because I am done with my swedish lessons. I am really excited to be with my class all the time because they are so great! So here is what my schedule is like now...

Swedish 8-9.00
History 9.20-10
Ensemble 10.05- 11.05
Piano 11.35-11.55
Go to Amalias school to help teach 12- 2
Italian 2.10-3.20

Music 8-9.
Choir 9.20- 10.
Governmental stuff? 11.55-1.25
Swedish 1.35-2.20
Math 2.30-3.20

Italian 9.20-10.30
Math 10.40- 11.30
??? 12.25- 1.30
History 1.40- 3.20

Governmental stuff? 9.05- 10.15
Audio (Tech) 12.50- 2.00
Dance 2.10- 3.20

Audio (Tech) 8- 9.10
Dance 9.25- 10.35
Gym 12.50- 1.40
Singing 1.55- 2.30

So it is quite a bit more full than last semester. On Friday, I went out to my third host family for the weekend. We cooked foos and we also drove to another town to look at goats since they are looking to buy a few to keep the grass trimmed haha. The babies were so amazingly cute I wanted to get one! It was nice to be with my third host family fo the weekend. It is a little weird to be so far out of the city but I think it will be just fine.


  1. Your dad says you can't bring a goat home!!!

  2. Haha but it would so fit in our back yard! Just kidding!