Monday, March 29, 2010


So now that it it almost April it is definitly officially springtime! You can not imagine my happiness after this crazy long winter. Even though it is the end of March, we still have some snow on the ground but it is dissappearing fast! On friday, we had beautiful weather, 16 degrees celcius. I was so happy but then i looked at the weather for back home. Anywhere from 16 to 24 degrees! Crazy jealous! But we will get there soon enough.

This past weekend I had some fun. I spent the night at the Åsens because we were planning on going to one of Amalias hockey games but the game got cancelled so instead on saturday we went into Linköping. Amalia and I did some shopping. I bought some shorts. Haha I know this seems a little pre-mature but I wanted some, maybe owning shorts will make it get warmer faster... or maybe not haha. Then I met up with my exchange student friends. We went to Evans house and made muffins then went back into town for dinner. We wanted some kind of asian food but ended up with kebab haha. Then we walked back to Evans house and watched Mulan! Awesome! Haha then it was time to go home, so we went to the train station and when I got back to Tranås i walked to the Åsens and spent the night there. All in all, lots of walking that day haha.

Then Sunday was spent at home relaxing and pretty much doing nothing!


  1. Was Mulan in English or Swedish?
    What are the movies like in Sweden? Do they have their own movie industry, or do they watch a ton of American stuff?

  2. It is both, but the American stuff are disappearing. German, English and Swedish movies are growing. The most known modern comedy movie in Sweden is a christmas movie called "Tomten är far till alla barnen". Its hilarious.


  3. I have found that it is very americanized here. The more popular movies are from Hallywood but there is still popular swedish movies. The music is mosstly american also, which I find amusing, haha I want to hear the swedish stuff but they dont play it very often.