Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so excited for these next two weeks! I wont be on the computer much, so I definitly won't have time to write a blog till I get back. I will tell you guys all about my trip and there will be pictures on y facebook page!

This week was nice and relaxed, since I knew I had a two week break after this week. The 3rd grade at my school was putting on preformances in their groups. So my program in school is the fine arts program and in that program we all chose our "major" There is dance, theatre and music. So everyone made a show for their groups. It was very fun to watch and everyone is so talented in this program! The dance people had to made all of their own choerography, (spelled wrong I know haha) their show was about 45 miunutes. Then there was theatre and their show was a little hard to understand for me, haha, but great all the same. I really enjoyed the music performance since that is the program I go into in my grade. They played a bunch of songs for over an hour. . Every grade in the music program has a big project. 1st grade is a musical, 2nd Salongerna, and 3rd is this, it is called tour.

So that was pretty much all that happened this week! Haha

See you in 2 weeks! =)

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