Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marching band!

I just got back from watching the youth marching band in town. I went with Lisa and we followed them around town and they sounded awesome! It was really cool to see! Then they played at my frined Ebba's house an we listened and had a Fika! =)

My week went very well! It was decided that I am going to help teach an english class at Amalia's school and that starts monday, so I am looking forward to that. I am starting to get adjusted to my schedule and school. Everything is less confusing, and less frusterating. I am also making lots of new friends. Everyone is so nice here! People I barely know just come up to me in the hallways and say hi to me! It makes me feel very accepted.

On thursday (torsdag), Amalia, Karro, Karro's friend and I went to a big market called Adelov. (the o should have 2 dots above it but my keyboard doesnt have that) It was basically just a HUGE flea market, there was lots of candy! YUM. It was raining though so that wasa kind of annoying, but no big deal. On friday we went fishing for crayfish again and ended up catching 53 this morning! Can't wait for the party next weekend so I can eat them!



  1. That's great you are able to help teach the english class. How did it go. It's probally difficult without knowing much Swedish? You should have see you mom last night with the centipede in our bed.

  2. Hi just wanted to leave a comment on your blogg lol XD Have patience with your computer :P