Sunday, June 20, 2010


Btw... I forgot to add that I have decided to continur this blog when I get home, but... wait for it........


So all of you who are in New Mexico reading this back home, that wont be so fun for you haha. Men.. alla i Sverige kan läsa om hur det är för mig när jag åker hem! Also all of the people that are about to go out on their exchange can practice their swedish a bit. =)

I wont update as often as I have this year, mostly because I wont be doing so much exciting stuff. When I write in here, I can talk about how it is for me adjusting to my old life again and the differences I notice between Sweden and the USA. I will also be able to practice my swedish and that is a huge plus!

SO... soon after I gte home you can look for a re-done blog! I will completly transform it to a swedish blog. =) Make-Over!!

Kram, Haley

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