Monday, June 14, 2010


Vi har tagit studenten
för vi har tagit studenten
Vi har tagit studenten!!!
Fy fan vad vi är BRA!!!

Haha just a little tune to say that I have graduated!! I haven't written in a while because I wanted to get all of the graduation stuff into one blog and grad lasts about a week here so here it goes....

At the beginning of the week was a carnival, it was more of a parade than a carnival I guess but it was definitly funny! All of the graduating classes chose a theme and dressed up for it then had a parade of all of them. There were so many great costumes and it was all very funny to watch. At the end, three of the classes won a money prize. My class (Well not my class technically but the grade above us) came in second place, they were dressed up as nuts! haha. That night I was over at Lisas and we had a Harry Potter marathon, the weird thing was that we saw it get dark and we also saw it get light! It gets dark here at aroung 11ish and then it started getting light at like 3 and by 4 it was completly light outside! Monday there was a race on the river, the classes had to build their own floats and then they raced. I felt pretty bad for them actually because it was really cold and kind of rainy. The whole week was pretty bad weather actually. =(

On Saturday was graduation!!! I got up and went to school at 9 and the ceremony started at 10. I was there earlier because I am in the choir and we got to perform. So the whole gradution was some singing and lots of talking about the future. There were no diplomas like back home and we werent allowed to put on out hats till the very end. Michael and I had to go up on stage and get introduced, he just said stuff about what we were doing and why exchange was such a great thing. I translated to Michael as the principal was talking and everyone thought that was pretty funny. =) After the ceremony all of the classes went into a room with their teachers and the teachers talked, gave out grades, and said goodbye, it was pretty emotional. At 12 we all raced out of the school and then went and found our families. Parents make posters with a baby picture on it so they can be found in the crowd, it was a really fun thing to see! Then after everyone said hi to their families we all piled into the float and drove around town with the music blasted and we were screaming and dancing. It was a blast!! After all of that I went around to houses with my host family for a few grad parties which are pretty much like back home I would say.

It was a very cool experience and really great that my school let me graduate, a lot of exchange students dont get to do that here. So now I am on summer break and I have 2 and a half weeks before Euro Tour to spend with my friends here! Now hopefully the weather gets nice again so I actually want to go outside haha.

Kram, Haley

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