Sunday, June 20, 2010

I can hear the bells....

So this past Saturday was the royal wedding! I actually sat don and watched it like a good little exchange student. Haha it was actually really interesting to watch, you could tell that they were very in love. Daniel (New prince of sweden) even cried a little! They are a cute couple. =)

So this past week I have had summer break! Yay! I haven't done much, hung out with my host sister and stuff. I think during summer break people should take it easy. =) Especially when I have a crazy trip coming up on the horizon. The weather was pretty nice up until friday, I have been out sunbathing and even..... yes..... swimming! In the crazy freezing lake. I am not kidding! My heart felt like it stopped for a secong there. On Friday, I went to Linköping with Lisa (Youtube video up! Lalalanddreamer21) we went and saw Sex and the City 2, it was very funny! I really liked it =) Today me and my host parents did some touristy stuff in a city about and hour from hear. It was nice, it was like a little mini vacation.

This whole next week I am the only one in my family that is not working haha, so I will just be chilling and hanging out with friends. Hopefully the weather holds up. =) Friday is Midsommar, a HUGE swedish holiday. I will post more about it once I learn more about it haha. It will definitly be a new experience!

Kram, Haley


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