Sunday, April 25, 2010


Nothing much happened this past week so this will be a short blog. =)

I have finally booked the train tickets for my trip to Kalmar. My whole rotary district is getting together May 6-8, and my birthday happens to fall into that visit! Yay! So for my birthday I get to hang out with all of my rotary friends. It's kind of ironic because the same thing happened last year to haha. So for the trip, we will be going to schools and talking about the exchange program, canoing anf bowling. It should be pretty fun. Then the saturday I get back, my parents will get into town! I am very excited haha, and they will stay for 3ish days. =)

There was unnecessary snow this week, it snowed three times! Terrible! It was always melted be noon but still, it is APRIL, there should be no snow! Other than that though the weather has been pretty nice, except for the wid but I can deal with that if its 15 degrees outside. (celcius)

On friday, we watched and particpated in a radio recording thing. It was some radio competition, we were the typical sudio audience, we were even told when to clap and how loud haha. After that I just went home for the weekend and havne't done anything since. =)

Kram, Haley


  1. Hej Haley! Jag är en svensk tjej på utbytesår i Spanien som halkade in på din blogg av misstag:P Jag tyckte det skulle vara så intressant att se Sverige från en utlännings synvinkel att jag kunde inte låta bli att läsa lite;) Lycka till med resten av ditt år!

    Hi Haley! I'm a swedish girl doing an exchange year in Spain who slipped into you blog by mistake:P I thought it would be interesting to see Sweden from a foreigner's point of view, so I could help reading a little;) Good luck with the rest of your year and I hope you're learning a lot!

  2. Haha vad bra! Hur länge har du varit i Spanien? Ja, jag har lärt mig jätte mycket här och jag vill inte åka hem nu! haha men jag har nästan tre månader kvar. =)