Sunday, April 18, 2010


So to make up for the week of boringness, this past week was pretty busy. I already told you about what happened on Tuesday and wednesday.

On thursday, I had a rotary lunch as usual and everything was pretty calm. On friday, we had visitors from a school from Vetlanda. It was their seniors from the music program and they preformed for us.

I spent the weekend at my first host family this because I wanted to go into Linköping on saturday. It's kind of silly that I live so far out of the city that if I want to visit my friends over the weekend, I can't sleep in my own bed haha. So saturday afternoon, I took the train into Linköping and I met Evan, another exchange student from Canada. We hung out in the city for a while but then we got really hungry and being the broke exchange students we are, we didn't want to pay for food, so we walked all the way back to Evans house and cooked some pasta, yum =)We went over to another friends house for a BBQ! It was fun to meet a bunch of new people. There was a girl that moved here from Germany in august and her swedish was sooo good! But apparently, swedish is really easy to learn if german is your first language. There was also a girl at the party who is leaving for exchange in the US in July, so I had fun talking to them.

After the party, my saturday night turned a little sour. I left the party at 10 and cought a bus to the train station to catch my train at 10.30. I got there in plenty of time and everything was fine but then they said that my train was deleyed 10 minutes, so i wasn't too happy bout that but I realized it could have been worse, and then it got worse! Haha The train got cancelled! So they said the train was cancelled and they said that there would be a bus but they didn't give us any times or info. So we just waited for something to happen for an HOUR! Might I mention that it was freezing cold and the wind was crazy that night? Well it was, yay lucky Haley! I felt pretty bad for these three guys that were standing there because none of them had jackets, they just had their T-shirts, haha I have no clue why they thought it was warm enough for that. So eventually a bus came, but heres the other twist in the story, it didn't go to Tranås. So there were three people with no way to get home. They called a Taxi for us and we had to wait another 15 minutes outside for that. It was really ironic though because one of the people that was stuck with me was a girl who was leaving today for the US. She was a part of that nanny program where you go and live with a family for a year and they pay for living expenses and your salary. It was very fun to talk to her!

Anyways, I finally got home after an hour long but free Taxi ride. I pretty much just collapsed in bed, frozen haha. Sunday, my host dad nad brother came and got me at the Åsens and when I got home, it was time to relax!

I think this week will be a pretty normal week, but after that, it's crazy! So I wil lhave plenty to writea bout =)

Kram, Haley

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