Monday, October 12, 2009

The last week...

Oops! I forgot to update for almost a whole week, thats ok though because nothing much happened after my accident. I had the esperience of being on crutches for four days. let me tell you that that is something I do not want to repeat. My hands were so sore all of the time because of the type of crutches I was on. It was also not fun being so slow! It felt like I was getting no where. I didn't get to do much when I was on the crutches because a lot of the stuff I do is dance and theatre stuff so I watched other people have fun.

I was off the crutches by Saturday because Lisa had invited me to go shopping in Linkoping and I really wanted to go! It was so much fun to go shopping in downtown Linkoping. I got some new shirts and a winter jacket! Yay! I won't freeze this winter. Well I probably will because the cold and I don't mix very well, but I will have a warm jacket.

Sunday was a realxing day! I got to sleep in for the first time in forever, and I still didn't sleep past 10! Oh My! I don't know if I am capable of sleeping past 11 anymore. Amalia and I cooked a southeast asia meal yesterday and the chicken came out so yummy!

Today, I rode my bike to school again and did NOT crash! Yay me! Haha. I got to help teach the english classes again and that is always really fun to do. I also had an Italian class today and that is getting better and better as I am learning swedish.



  1. It was great to hear from you yesterday and that you are up and running around again. Besides shopping is an incentive to get off cruches. We am glad to hear you are starting to understand Swedish better so now you are able to know when they talk about how clumsy you are riding a bike and running. Not really.
    Also we look forward to hearing from you when you get your goodie box hopefully late this week or next week. LOL :-)

  2. din vinterjacka är för tunn