Monday, October 5, 2009

District Meeting!

This past weekend I went to my Rotarys district meeting in a small town near Kalmar. On friday, a few exchange students from Linköping came down and stayed at my house for the night since we had to wae up at 5 the next morning. So we had tacos and a movie with Lisa and we didn't get to bed till 1, oops! So after 4 hours of sleep, my counselor picked us up and we were off! When we got to the hotel where the meeting was at, we started practicing the skit we had to preform later that day. Out skit was about the stereotypes of out countries, and after we anwsered a few questions and pretended to be that stereotype, we had the audience guess what country we are from. After that, we anwsered the questions for real and showed people that we were not the stereotype. When the skit was over we hung out in the hotel spa, then went to the houses we were staying at to get all dressed up for the dinner. At the dinner we just talked to all of the rotarians. There were Tapas for appetizers, they consisted of Anchovies and Herring on Bread, Eel, some weird white stuff, and salmon rolls. Guess which one I really liked? The Eel! I know! It was pretty good. After the dinner, there was a band and we all danced with rotarians and had lot of fun! When that was over we all went back to the house I was staying at and talked till 1. Then the people not staying at my house had to leave. i ended up not sleeping till 2 and I was so tired!

The next day, we woke up and our host showed us aroung the small town then we went to the hotel to have lunch. We left after lunch and by the time I got home, I was so tired. I am still recovering!

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