Sunday, October 25, 2009

Höst Lov!

Yay it's finally fall break! That means Finland in a few days =) Very exciting! This past week I haven't been doing much. I finally got to start dancing again, I tell you, dance class was not very exciting to watch for 2 weeks. I finally got my move date, the 13 of November, so it's going to be pretty busy in the next few weeks getting ready for that. I got my package! Packed full of Halloween candy! So fun! Amalia was so amused with all the crazy and fun stuff that I recieved. I finally got to have beef jerkey, and I got Amalia hooked on it too. Haha. I will be so sad when I run out =( We made the brownies the night I got the package and I just made the pancakes for my family and they were very good.

Yesterday, I finally went to Ikea! Lisa insisted that I just had to go. So we met up with Evan in Linkoping and went to Ikea. It is sooooo Huge! I couldn't believe how big it was, It was like a maze to get to the resturant. I though it was very funny that there was a resturant in a furniture store and when I asked Lisa why, she said "Well you buy a bunch of stuff and it takes so long to go through the whole store that you get hungry and tired." Haha that was so funny!

So My plans for this week are
1) Finland from Tuesday to Thursday.
2) Night with Lisa on Thursday.
3) Evans Birthday party from Friday to Saturday.
4) Halloween party on Saturday.

It's gonna be a busy week!


  1. Is Halloween as widely celebrated in Sweden as it is in North America? Or is it a rather fringe activity?

  2. They dont really celebrate it that, much just as kind of something to throw a party for, no onw on my street goes trick or treeting though