Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Oh My goodness!!! It's December!! Do you know what that means? Well I guess it means a lot of stuff. It means I have been in Sweden for 4 months, Christmas is in 23 days, there are christmas lights everywhere (including my room), theres Lucia and Solongerna soon! Wow it's gonna be a crazy month! I can't believe that it has been 4 months since I left New Mexico, the time seems to be going by soooo fast.

I guess I should explain Salongerna to you. =) So my class, ES2 is doing a winter preformance. Basically what it is is that we team up with the cooking program, we provide the entertainment, they provide the food for our audience. Between acts, the audience eats different courses of a meal. In the acts, we preform random songs and theatre, complete with singing and dancing. I am definitly planning to record this and put it on youtube. Not all of it but some of the better songs.

So since I last wrote, I went down to a city in the south of Sweden for a night. We left on Saturday and drove for about 3 or 4 hours. First, I got to meet Laszlo's parents and I didn't understand anything that was happening because they were all speaking hungarian! Then we went to a close family friends house where Karro and I would be staying the night. Karro was so excited to see her friend, and we made gingerbread houses and watched a movie. In the morning, we went to a christmas craft sale and it was fun to see all of the things. It wasn't only crafts though, there was homemade bread and chocolate, all kinds of stuff. And they were also having their Lucia competition then. I would explain what Lucia is but I don't really know so I will wait until I get to actually experience it then you will get a full explanation. After that we drove homw and we were very tired by the time we got back.

So that's whats been happening with me this past week. =)


  1. I think so. December has a lot of stuff, including a tons of exams!!!
    Will you go to Lucia concert?
    It sounds interesting. Hope you enjoy it.


  2. With Christmas coming up, are you starting to miss your family?
    I want to say that I like your blog, and I like when you update, but through your blog I'm not really learning much about Sweden's culture or the people you live with. It's mostly detailing your activities, which I guess is the point, but reading about something in detail would be nice! :) Could you maybe put a post up describing the cultural differences or things specific to Swedish Culture that you've learned so far? Or detail the people you live with or have lived with, and talk about them a little! Keep up the blogging! :D