Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Family!

So sorry that I haven't written for over a week but things have been so crazy because of the move. I moved on thursday night into my new family. They are very nice, everything is new and different but it's not bad at all. It feels weird going to a new house after school now, but that will get better just as in the very beginning of my exchange.

Last weekend was very fun, I did lots of stuff and I was so tired by monday. On Saturday I went to a city 4 hours away for Amalias away hockey game. It was a city on the ocean and it was very cool, but I would have liked to see it in the summer. I bet it would be amazing there in the summer. Then on sunday I went to go see a play, cabaret, with Karro and a few friends. It was a great play. The singers were awesome and even though I couldn't understand most of it, I enjoyed myself. After that I went ice skating with Amalia and Kjell, it was...interesting. Haha I fell quite a few times when I had to play hockey, but it was really fun . I also saw a few of the girls from one of the english classes I help teach.

The school week went pretty normally, nothing too exciting happened except for the move. Today was my schools open house and that went really well. I preformed in the choir, an ensemble and a dance. So I did everything! Haha so now I am completly exhausted!

Promise there will be pictures on facebook soon!

Kram, Haley

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